Sprinkles from the Left

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“Regardless of how — or even if — Democrats in the House close the breach between progressives and centrists, the truth is they would not even be considering a groundbreaking infrastructure bill and a Build Back Better program that includes Medicare expansion, changes to combat climate change and boosts in federal aid programs had Joe Biden not defeated President Donald Trump and had Raphael G. Warnock and Jon Ossoff not won their Senate contests in Georgia.

Imagine a reelected Trump with a U.S. Senate under his thumb and a Supreme Court in his hip pocket. The order of the day for Democrats would be political survival, not fixing the nation’s roads and bridges or social and economic packages…

Enacting infrastructure and economic and social spending programs will not guarantee success in next year’s midterm elections. But failure is a surefire way to put Republicans in control of the House, return McConnell back to the Senate driver’s seat and make Biden a lame-duck president.

As the year unfolded, Democrats in 2020 were on the outside looking in as Trump enriched his supporters and turned his back on the overwhelmed and squeezed-out.

Now, Democrats are on the threshold of delivering transformative investments to both the country’s infrastructure and people. Internecine warfare over $2 trillion or $3 trillion is self-defeating. Thinking Democrats would settle for what they can get and, with Biden, come back for the rest following another good day at the polls. Or are war and mutual destruction better?”

–Colbert I. King, Washington Post Opinion

“With control of Congress by razor-thin margins, the [Democratic] party has a chance to implement sweeping historical changes to help save the climate, greatly reduce child poverty, and improve the lives of lower-income and middle-class Americans. They must not let this opportunity slip away by quarreling over too many initiatives that cost too many trillions of dollars…

Next year will be an election season when daring initiatives are rarely achieved, and after that the Democrats may lose one or both chambers of Congress to Republicans (who remain in perennial opposition to fighting climate change or spending more money on what President Joe Biden refers to as “human infrastructure”).

The time for bold action is now. And whether it happens boils down to this: Will progressives (and Biden, for that matter) make their demand for the perfect become the enemy of the good to the point that they lose, through a lack of consensus, this opportunity they’ve been granted?

There’s tremendous good in even a pared down version of Biden’s Build Back Better bag of initiatives…

Democrats could fight over all of it and pass nothing. Or they could act with discretion and still achieve several of the most important social changes in half a century.

We urge discretion.”

USA Today Editorial Board ($)

Sprinkles from the Right

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“By giving his blessing to the radicals’ refusal to vote on the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal until they get a vote on the $3.5 trillion grab bag of socialist trash, [Joe Biden] turned his back on the central promise of his election and guaranteed his presidency will continue to hemorrhage public support…

His flop is especially odd in that passing the infrastructure bill would give him something he desperately needs: a victory… That should make it a no-brainer for all Dems. After all, a failing, unpopular president is likely to cost the party control of Congress next year given the party’s narrow margins…

The haggling over the contents and price could take weeks or months, with ultimate passage uncertain. And there is no guarantee the infrastructure bill would pass muster with the left after all that…

Still, because all roads in Washington lead to the White House, the question of why Biden has ceded so much of his power to the insatiable far left demands an ­answer.

Unfortunately, the answer is obvious. He’s a weak, befuddled president who is the emptiest of empty suits. All talk and no conviction, he couldn’t stand up to the Taliban and can’t even stand up to the wing nuts in his own party.”

–Michael Goodwin, New York Post

“As we recall, President Biden defeated Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primaries, but lately it’s hard to tell. The Vermont socialist is issuing his own veto over Mr. Biden’s agenda on Capitol Hill until he gets the new entitlements and tax increases he wants…

When was the last time Democrats turned away $1 trillion in spending, especially when it comes gift-wrapped in 19 Senate GOP votes? Our guess is never.

But Mr. Sanders is urging his progressive followers in the House to defeat the infrastructure bill until the Senate also agrees to pass $3.5 trillion in new entitlement spending. He’s also raging against Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, fellow Senate Democrats who negotiated the infrastructure bill but want big changes in Bernie’s budget buster…

The bigger news Friday is that the Sanders veto seems to have blocked Democrats from passing Mr. Biden’s infrastructure priority this week. The President made a special trip to Capitol Hill on Friday to speak to House Democrats and urge them to stay united. But by our deadline there had been no vote.

According to press reports, Mr. Biden essentially conceded to the House Members that the infrastructure bill won’t pass until the reconciliation bill in some form is also on a clear road to passing. This was presumably meant to tell Mr. Sanders and the progressives that he’s on their side. But it also shows who has the power in the Biden Presidency, and it isn’t the man in the Oval Office.”

–WSJ Editorial Board