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Forget secret recipes and hidden flavors. We know that fully understanding what goes into the DONUT makes it even sweeter. In fact, we don't even care if you share... it's encouraged.

The Problem

The Problem

  • Sensationalist and clickbait journalism
  • News outlets that only highlight one side of the story (bias/misinformation)
  • The anxiety & anger that comes with being ‘informed’
Our Solution

Our Solution

  • No sensationalist or clickbait journalism. Facts only.
  • We always present multiple sides of a story.
  • Good things happen in the world every day. We promise to consistently find and highlight them.
Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

  • Accurate information about the world around us is a human right. Our news will always be 100% free.
  • All viewpoints deserve the chance to be heard. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
  • The world is far from perfect, but it only continues to get better and better. And that should be recognized and celebrated.


What’s DONUT stand for? How’d you come up with it?

It was a dark and stormy night… nah, just kidding. We wanted something playful, meaningful, unique, and morning-oriented. Inspiration struck one day - we listened - and the Dose Of News Useful Today was born.

What’s the creation process for the newsletter? How do you select content and write about it in an impartial manner?

It’s nearly impossible to be completely unbiased & impartial when it comes to choosing the content. That being said, we have several safeguards in place to ensure our selection is systematic - not subjective - and as close to impartial as possible.

  1. We have a system that scours 100+ publications and various social media sources to extract the most discussed & influential topics of the day.
  2. We aggregate these topics in a centralized place, after which our content team begins their daily debate to determine the stories that make it into the newsletter. Our team ranges from hard-line progressive to hard-line conservative, and we have intensive, rational, civil, logical discussions to ensure there’s a topic consensus before moving forward with stories. We practice what we preach!
  3. Once the topic selections are finalized, our journalists write their respective stories. There is a strong emphasis on factual reporting with limited adjectives, and our content team pulls directly from primary source documents, if possible. When primary sources are NOT available, our team cross-references 4+ sources looking for "intersection points." Intersection points occur when news outlets with different biases (i.e, MSNBC & Fox News) include the same information in their coverage of a particular topic or event. These intersection points are incorporated into the DONUT's reporting.
  4. Once the stories are written, we have a 3-step editorial process in place for each piece of content to ensure our information is accurate and engaging.

What do you do with my email address after I subscribe?

We do not share your information with any third party. We do not sell your information to any third party.

We heard your t-shirts and sweatshirts are made of the softest material on the planet. Is this true?

We don’t like to brag, but… yes. Don’t believe us? Check ‘em out for yourself. 😉