The DONUT is more than news – it’s a community of people changing the world through inclusiveness and positivity. We provide fact-based summaries of the day’s biggest stories and shed light on big-media spin, all while promoting good vibes and civic action.

the DONUT Ingredients

Forget secret recipes and hidden flavors. We know that fully understanding what goes into the DONUT makes it even sweeter.

Fact-based News

All the news we share or summarize in the DONUT is fact based. What is a "fact"? It's something verifiable and/or corroborated by unbiased experts. We do the work to ensure the information we share with you is true, and we serve it up on its own, no extra flavor or spice.

Opinion-free information

At the DONUT we believe an opinion should be yours, not ours. That means when we share info with you, we withhold our judgement, so you can decide how you feel about something.

Equal Representation on the Issues

Part of the fun of forming your own opinion is it's probably going to be different than the person sitting next to you. And the person sitting next to them. At the DONUT we believe having access to multiple points of view about an issue is what allows us to be more informed overall. We promise to always share access to all viewpoints when summarizing a popular news topic that might be polarizing.

Relentless Positivity

Optimism is the foundation to the recipe here at the DONUT. We believe that a dose of positivity is important for everyone's well being, so we scour the internet to find the news that makes us feel the feels every single day. The BEST part? There's no shortage of these stories to share, and we feel confident that one day... there might just be a piece involving puppies.